How Dp Vessels Can Survey Under Sea Water In Protected Method?


The Acoustic releases systems are also known as Hydro-acoustic point orientation systems. These systems are used in different areas of DP vessel community. DP vessels can perform a safe and secured survey under sea water throughout the Acoustic releases equipments. The devices are linked up to the computerized system for reporting purpose.

As many offshore companies conduct survey under sea water regarding reservoir of oil, gas and minerals, these acoustic devices are used for the successful operation of the survey work. Most of the seismic industries belong to these types of industries and use the acoustic releases equipments for a safe and secured survey.

Need Of Positioning Reference Sensor
Different position reference sensors (PRS) are available to deliver information about a location details up to 13,000 ft of seawater (fsw) with accuracy of 4 to 5m and a comparative accuracy of 2m. This device informs about the actual position of different materials and accordingly the DP vessel could move ahead for further survey work.

Report Paper For Well Control Of Acoustic Releases

This paper helps get the detailed information about competence and configuration of the Acoustic Releases devices (ARD). At the time of operation or survey, there might be chance of troubles occurred with the APS (Acoustic positioning systems) and all the error details will be displayed on the paper for a convenience of operator.

Significant Role Of Acoustic Releases For DP Vessels
Acoustic releases equipments are broadly used by different DP vessels for different underwater survey or tracking purpose. Mainly, two types Acoustic releases equipments are used like Ultra Short Baseline and Ultra Long Baseline. Ultra Short Baseline is less than 10cm(4”) and Ultra long baseline is more than 10 cm (4”).

Ultra Short Baseline (Usb) With Sound Technology

Among these devices Ultra short Baseline <10cm (4”) is built upon ultra sound technology and plays a very significant role for the vessels. Let’s discuss more about the specifications of the device. It is a very small size device and comes with short Baseline range 30m- 60m. Hence, it is used for detection of nearest materials. But, Long Ultra Baseline (LSB) devices serve up to range of 100m – 7,000m.

Rent An Ultra Short Baseline
If you don’t have sufficient fund to buy it, you can rent the Ultra short baseline device and other devices and can finish your survey in affordable budget. If you have need of this device for your survey work regularly, it is recommended to buy it permanently for saving of money. Decision is yours. Some of the bigger size seismic industries or oil and gas companies have bought many acoustic devices and scientific devices with them for regular survey work.

Overall, it is found that the Acoustic release devices are being used for the material detection purpose under sea water. Sometimes, any bigger size devices or sea animals or deep rocks or lands are being detected by these devices. Hence, the survey work can be conducted safely and securely. Under sea water,




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